Headache/Migraine Care

Headaches can be aggravated by tension, stress, sinuses, and chemical factors while many other factors may be suspected also. According to the New England Medical Journal, 93% of all headaches are from the neck. The British Medical Journal states that up to 97% of all headaches are from the neck.

Migraines are severe debilitating headaches. Sometimes migraines are accompanied with sound and/or light sensitivity, even nausea. Most migraines also begin or originate from the neck area. Headaches and migraines are not from a dietary deficiency of pain relievers in your diet! Pain relievers really only cover up the pain. The use of these allow the patient to suffer with this condition for years as well as suffer from long effects from the side effects of over the counter medication.

Chiropractic goes after the cause of headaches and migraines.

The brain controls and coordinates the entire body through the central nervous system. To have this all important system throbbing in pain and to cover up that pain with medications is downright dangerous. Chiropractic goes after the cause of headaches by specifically and gently realigning the spinal vertebrae (neck bones). Headaches, as well as migraines not only respond well to spinal adjustments, but often they reoccur with less frequency and less intensity, in many cases never to return again!